day one; favorite season:) 

I think my all time favorite season has to be season 2 only because Monica and Richard get together. <3

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Emma Geller| “Dude, this is Aunt Monica? Are you kidding?”| Emma Roberts|Reserved.

Meet Emma. She’s totally like her mom Rachel except for the fact that she has Ross’ black hair. She loves to be witty and sarcastic yet, helpful and silly. She really was excited to meet Monica since she had moved away with Richard a few years before Emma was conceived.. and truthfully she’s disappointed with who she meets.

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friends challange. :) 

30 Day F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Challenge

Day 01- Favorite Season

Day 02- Favorite Character

Day 03- Least Favorite Character

Day 04- Favorite Monica Moment

Day 05- Favorite Couple

Day 06- Favorite Rachel Moment

Day 07- Favorite Female

Day 08- Favorite Phoebe Moment

Day 09- Least Favorite Female

Day 10- Favorite Chandler Moment

Day 11- Favorite Male

Day 12- Favorite Picture of the cast

Day 13- Favorite Joey Moment

Day 14- Least Favorite Male

Day 15- Favorite Ross Moment

Day 16- Favorite Guest Star

Day 17- Least Favorite Guest Star

Day 18- Favorite Episode

Day 19- Favorite song of Phoebe’s

Day 20- Best wedding

Day 21- Least Favorite Couple

Day 22- Whatever tickles your fancy

Day 23- When did you start watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

Day 24- Favorite Quote

Day 25- Most touching Episode, in your opinion

Day 26- How did you feel when F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ended?

Day 27- Did you watch the Joey spinoff show?

Day 28- Favorite actor/actress

Day 29- Least Favorite actor/actress

Day 30- Favorite Younger Days/Flashback scene

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tiffanyconners-deactivated20120 wrote:
"I want to be Emma with Ashley Tisdale or Emma Roberts as the FC."

I can totally make that happen with the Emma Roberts FC. :D

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its-a-4-deactivated20120213 wrote:
"Can I be Kassidy, please? :)"

you’d need to try out, and I’m not done with roles yet.. sooo. I’ll let you know when I’m done though.

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Phoebe Hannigan|| “Smelly cat, smelly cat..”|| Lisa Kudrow|| [Open]

Oh Phoebe… Phoebe.. Phoebe. This woman is still the silly hippie she was when Rachel booked it from her wedding and met the gang. She and her husband never had children after she gave birth to her brothers. She saw no point and didn’t want to go through that pain. The way she sees it the gang would still be together if it weren’t for Richard, and she’s correct. One day she saw Chandler at a bar when she was out with friends from with real massage place she works and saw directly through his act of being happy and so she decided almost instantly to have a summer bash with the gang and when everyone agreed she started planning. But will her set plans fall through when Drama ensues?

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Kassidy Burke|| “Don’t be a dick. Why do you need to make her cry?”|| Demi Lovato {Open}

Kassidy Burke, is nothing like a teenage girl should be. She has manners (Most of the time) She looks… like a woman. This girl has the most beautiful curves and such an amazing tan. Most people would be surprised to find out who her parents are. She’s so calm where as Monica is so.. not. She’s so silly where as Richard is serious. To tell the truth the only thing she hates about her life, is her father. She knows him and her mom are NOT meant to be together and she just thinks hes an asshole. She has voiced her opinion on it so many times, just about as many times as Richard has made Monica cry. So, when her mom invites her to NY she obviously accepts just so she doesn’t have to spend time with “the oldman”

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Monica Burke|| "Welcome to the real world. It sucks.”|| Courtney Cox [Open]

Monica Burke [Used to be Geller] is still the chef that everyone loved. The obsessive cleaner. The sweetheart, whos nice to everyone and can only stay mad for a second. Unless it’s with her husband Richard. She knows that he could be her father, but hes treating her more and more like a child then he should be and it’s causing them to fight a lot. When she gets a call from Phoebe to come back to NY for the summer, she doesn’t even think about it.. its a yes right away AND invites her daughter, who she wants the gang to meet. Her secret? she hopes and prays that Chandler will be there and they can reconnect. Will things work out like she wants? Find out.. :)

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